Services offered to companies include, among others, assistance in industrial research, technology innovation, experimental development, prototyping and training of personnel.

Mater occupies a specialized niche where it became a reference point, in some ways unique, in this particular economic sector.

Therefore, it is an ideal partner for all types of organizations, public and private, that are engaged in research and development, transformation and training, contributing decisively to the resolution of management problems through continuous assistance and the promotion of managerial culture in the R & D sector.


We have always considered quality and innovation as strategic factors.

Participation in numerous projects has allowed MATER to develop a high quality know-how, allowing it to face the business challenges, which are analyzed in every single aspect and then resolved using a common logic, thanks to the work done by a coordinated and highly professional team.


MATER promotes the system of research and development conscious of its responsibilities in an increasingly globalized world, promoting the quality of life, in terms of protection of the environment and health and technological innovation, achieving an optimal balance between economic growth, environmental protection and social responsibility, in compliance with current regulations, competitor evaluation, feasibility study, research and cataloging of scientific material.


We stand by our customers and support them at every stage of planning, making significant contribution to the resolution of problems, through continuous assistance and promotion of scientific culture.


We design and create pilot plants intended for testing new processes, responding to the diverse needs of our customers. Thanks to our 3D laboratory we are able to create prototypes that can be used for subsequent industrialization.


Mater aims at the continuous training of new professional figures, providing a competitive advantage to the companies and offering them training programs tailored to the specific needs of the labor market.


The Research and Development unit of Mater consists of professionals fully capable to cover all of their customers’ needs.

MATER is also able to take care of the administrative aspects of research projects in order to optimize time, resources and the output of the research carried out.